Virtual Table Tennis 3D, my review

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Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a table tennis virtual game produced by Clapfoot Inc. It requires only 4.6 MB on download. Once the game started and the main screen appears, the player can choose to manage the game settings, start the game or read the instructions.

Virtual Table Tennis 3D review
In the settings, you can enable sounds, vibrate and also the possibility of the follow camera, as reported in the following image.

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By clicking on the start symbol, another screen appears in correspondence of which you can choose the level of difficult: novice, intermediate or expert.
Once the level has been chosen, you can select the country among ten different ones, such as Italy, United States, China etc.

Then, you will be required to indicate the opponent country, but, for example for the level novice, only the Austria is available. But, right after that the first match, a second country (Germany) can be selected and so on.
Once all the settings have been defined, the match starts. The background is simple but fine realized, and the players are represented only by the rackets.

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The aim of the game is to send the ball to the opponent so that he can’t reach it. The match ends at ten points. In correspondence of the novice level (the lowest) the reaction speed of the opponent is low. Consequently it is really easy to win and the game can be a little bit boring. But, by increasing the level, the difficult rises, so the game becomes more funny.
My final opinion is that Virtual Table Tennis 3D is a good game. It is ideal for breaks or when you want to relax because it is not a demanding game. It could be funny, but only if played on expert mode. Otherwise, it could be a little bit boring.

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