Tigerball, my review

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The review is about the game Tigerball, developed by Laxarus.
Tigerball is an arcade game, characterized by a 3D graphics but by a two-dimensional physics.

The aim of the game is to throw a ball (Tiger) in a basket.

If you fail, you will lose a life (except for the first level for every world). Every level is different and original, and the game is characterized by 100 levels for 20 worlds. The worlds are available in groups of 5 (25 levels in total).

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Once the 25th level has been reached, you will access to the second group of worlds. Similarly, in correspondence of the 50th and of the 75th level, the third and the fourth group of worlds will be available. In the free version, you will start always from the first group of worlds, while in the complete version you can choose from which group start to play.

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The game difficult is well balanced, even if some levels are really hard e you should be lucky.

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If you don’t succeed to pass the level, you can use a bomb, thanks to which you will pass to the next level. At the beginning of each game, you will have a certain number of life and bomb that will increase thanks to the collected coins.
The coins can be collected by playing or by buying them on the game store.

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During the game, you can repeat some levels to 4 times, in order to obtain (respectively) three lives and a bomb. The app purchases don’t ruin the game and aren’t invasive, moreover the advertisement won’t be shown.

Tigerball, review
The worlds order can be changed but only in correspondence of his own group of 5 worlds.

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If you want, in the settings you can manage the sounds and the music.
When the lives end, a coin will appear and will start to turn in order to define if you will gain an extra life. As a whole, Tigerball is really funny and addictive, in particular if you play during free time.

The soundtrack is great, especially for a free game.
My opinion about Tigerball is good, the game is funny, intuitive and easy, but at the same time is hard, complex and well structured. Download it, you will not regret it!

Here’s the video gameplay developed by Android Angry