Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), my review

Cheetah Games has created and developed Rolling Sky, an adrenaline Videogame for Android Smartphone.

Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review 3
Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review

The game requires approximately 37 MB. Once started, a screen will appear by which you can access to the levels, to the game store or modify the settings.
The goal is to get a ball at the end of each level, moving it to left or right with the aim to avoid obstacles. The level of difficulty is really high, because by increasing the level (that are all playable from the start, there is no need to complete the previous to move to the next level) the speed of the ball rises, such as the complexity of the level.

Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review 34
Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review

The complexity of the levels is precisely one of the factors that make this game a real challenge. Some levels are very difficult to interpret, but, if you can do it, you will feel extremely satisfied.
Often, however, our ball will be destroyed, and it could happen many times. You can feel very frustrated and angry (like our robot).

Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review
After few matches, this game causes a real addiction. If you like the genre, you’ll be playing complex levels for tens or hundreds of times, without success (or not?).

In the game Store, you can buy balls and other objects. Moreover, you can get more balls, for example by watching a short video advertisement.
My final opinion is that Rolling Sky is good: it’s a funny, crazy and fast game.

Cheetah Games has created a good level design, simple but nice. The levels backgrounds are really realistic, whether for the forest or the demonic level, for example.

Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review 35
Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review

This game will keep you busy a few tens of minutes per day, for a week or two. I think that it’s good to play during the breaks, because otherwise, if played assiduously, can quickly tire out.
I recommend everyone to try it. It’s free and, even if the game make you a little nervous, you will feel satisfied at the end of each level.

Rolling Sky (Android Videogame), review 2

Here’s the video gameplay, developed by Android Angry: