Ragdoll Adventure, My Review

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Ragdoll Adventure is a quirky puzzle game developed by Cat Studio.

The object of the game is to shoot out with a cannon come little men and try to hit the red ball to enter to the next level.

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The difficulty increases after each level. Some of them are very complex and probably you will reset the game many times before completing them.

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In some levels there is an invisible red wall (a frame) around the scenario, in others not.

For each scenario, you will have to interact with many objects, such as axes, blocks, balls and little balls.
Ragdoll Adventure is a very particular game, or you appreciate it or hate it. I think is suitable for short play sessions (few tens of minutes at most), otherwise it annoyies a little bit.

The physics of the game is not realistic, especially in relation to the red ball or to the impacts.

In each level you will have a maximum number of men to shoot with your cannon. Once completed, if you didn’t hit the red ball, you’ll need to reset the level.
Some levels are very difficult, and to complete the game you’ll need to have a lot of skills and in particular a lot of luck.

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For this reason, some levels are frustrating, but do not worry, because as you completed a level the next three ones will be unlock.

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As a positive note, the game is completely free and does not ask you to make purchases.
If you turn off both data connection and wi-fi, advertising will not appear.
My final point is that the game is sufficient, but might not appeal to everyone, so probably you’ll play two or three days, then uninstall.
Before you download it, please watch the video made by Android Angry gameplay, so you can better understand what kind of game it is.

Here is the link to download the game: