Photo Collage Editor: The review

Photo Collage Editor review Andorid Angry

Photo Collage Editor is a photo management application for smartphones.

The application is free. In the review, I will describe how the application works and what are the most important advantages and disadvantages.

Photo Collage Editor review Andorid Angry
Photo Collage Editor review Andorid Angry

Once Photo Collage Editor starts, you will required to choose the photo collage structure, as reported in the following picture. There are a lot of different types of collages, composed by one or even ten pictures.

Set the collage structure, the user can upload the images by clicking on the relative area in the screen. If the user wants to change the structure type, all he needs to do is click on the button “Grid” and choose another one.

The button “Style” defines how the collage will appear. It is possible to choose among over 50 different backgrounds and frames. Moreover, the user can set the collage dimensions.

By means the button “Text”, it is possible to define a text message and to set the character type, color and background, as shown in the next picture.

Finally, the user can add icons (such as hearts, glasses, fruits).

As a whole, the application is really easy to use, simple and intuitive. The only fault with this application is that is a little bit slow when passes from the main screen to the setting one (such as Grid, Style and Text) and vice versa.

In conclusion, it can be considered a really good photo collage application, so give it a chance!