Hill Climb Racing 2: Adventure mode, review

Hill Climb Racing 2: Adventure mode, the review

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a new crazy racing game, heir to the evergreen Hill Climb Racing game, developed by Fingersoft. Will developers be able to add interesting new features in the new game? Let’s find out with Android Angry!

The game has been developed to work both on multiplayer and on singleplayer mode, but currently it is impossible to play online, so our review will focus on the adventure mode.

Once the game starts, you have to choose a nickname and then you can immediately run with our Jeep.
The game has been structured just like the predecessor, but few changes have been introduced, such as character and vehicle customization.

Moreover, by watching video advertising, it is possible to unlock vehicles upgrade.

During his match, the player can collect coins (which will be used to buy vehicle upgrades and unlock new scenarios), fuel canisters, and bags of coins (these bags are a kind of bonus, that can be found only in certain points of the level and that disappear once collected).
In addition to the coins, the game features blue gems, by means of the player can buy extra coins. The player can also buy and pay with real money.

The aim of the game is to complete as far as possible the levels, avoiding to tip over, run out of petrol or break the driver’s head.
The first level reminds the first one of the previous title, but already in the second level we will find more innovative and fun settings.

During the races on singleplayer mode, our ghost will travel around the records: this is a very fun introduction, and it is useful to help the player to improve his vehicle.

The game is a little thrilling, but probably it could be better on the multiplayer mode, during which the player can challenge his friends. In this way, it will be much more fun and exciting, and hopefully not too Pay to Win.

< The former was more fascinating and provided with more content. Possibly the contents of Hill Climb Racing 2 will be expanded through updates, but now it seems an excessively poor content title (when compared to the previous one). Try it, but without too many expectations, at least until the multiplayer mode will work better. Angry Android xxl