Bridge Construction Simulator, my Review

Bridge Construction Simulator, Review 244

Bridge Construction Simulator is a bridges simulator, developed and posted by BoomBit games in the Puzzle games category of the Google Play Store.

Once download about 96 MB, you can start the game.

On the main screen, several functions can be selected: some are available immediately, other can be unlocked by watching small advertising videos or by paying.

Bridge Construction Simulator, Review

The difficulty level will be immediately set on normal. As previously said, the other levels will be available by watching small advertising videos or by paying.

During the first few levels, short tutorial will explain the mechanics of the game: however,  it is very simple and easy.

Bridge Construction Simulator, Review 2

The main commands are located on the left and right of the screen.

On the left you can start the transit of vehicles on your deck.

Once the Bridge test has been launched, you can select different camera angles: the sides, the internal part of the vehicle, the front and, moreover, with different inclinations.

Bridge Construction Simulator, Review 32
Bridge Construction Simulator, Review 32

Furthermore, the bridge can be erase and the project  restarts from the beginning, or, if you press the question mark, all the functions will appear.

On the right, the construction materials can be chosen and the grid construction will be showed.

For any bridge the budget will be in US currency  (it will appear at the top and will change on the basis of the materials used). The aim of the game is to build the best bridge, by spending the least possible.

In the menu you can set the graphic quality and the sound settings.

By watching a short video, you can unlock almost all the features of the game.

If you hate the advertisements and have money to spend, you can unlock all the game functions by paying a small amount of money, about $ 9 or 9 €.

After the first levels, the game becomes very funny and challenging: the bridges building will be more complex and often the bridges collapse.

When a stable bridge has been realized, after many attempts, we will feel satisfied and fulfilled.

The impossibility to pause the game and to delay time (in slow motion) during the testing of the bridge is the only negative aspect.

Finally, it is a funny game and the logic of operation is simple. Download it, you will not regret it and the game will give you some nice moments, free.

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Here’s the video gameplay, developed by Android Angry: